Garlow: Any cease-fire in Mideast would be one-sided


Jonathan Tate’s Opinion piece suggests that it is a good idea to call for a cease-fire in the Gaza conflict (“Cease-fire resolution a proud moment in Wilm. history”). This means a one-sided cease-fire, as Hamas has made it very clear that it is not interested in a stop to the war that it started.

Hamas has expressed no regrets for the burning of innocent Israeli civilians. Instead, Hamas says that it wants to do more Oct. 7, 2023, slaughters, again and again. Hamas continues to fire rockets into Israel. Hamas has called for killing all the Jews. This is a clear example of antisemitism and anti-Zionism, which must be destroyed.

It is a tragedy that civilians get caught in the crossfire, but if Hamas cared about the innocent Gazans, which it doesn’t, it should have offered to shelter civilians and food and water in the tunnels Hamas built, like the Ukrainians are sheltering their citizens in their subways.

Charlie Garlow

Rehoboth Beach

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