Gallucci: Regarding ghosts, some things may be unexplained


I enjoyed Barry Markovsky’s Opinion on “Are ghosts real?” (“Are ghosts real? A social psychologist examines the evidence,” Oct. 31).

I agree and disagree with his conclusion.

I understand the need to be able to scientifically prove these happenings. To do so, one would have people walk around recording video and audio 24/7 to catch all the small things that take place every day. There is not enough time for anyone to review the data. In addition, preparing for this every day would become quite burdensome.

I disagree because of what I experienced at my previous job. As an administrator of a school, I was constantly in early and left late in the day. I can tell you, the footsteps I heard were real, but no one was in the building. I could tell you about my office lights being on when I came early to work, only to be off when I entered the school. There are many more unusual happenings that I experienced but do not have time to mention. I could also reference the many strange occurrences that staff reported. But we have no proof, and our minds dismiss them, and we move on.

Maybe all things can’t be proven, and there are things that happen that our science is unable to explain.

Thank you for your article.

Patrick Gallucci


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