Frank: Justice system also has some responsibility in gun debate


Commissioner George “Jody” Sweeney’s commentary in the Daily State News made some valid points, but he obviously places great responsibility on the National Rifle Association and its lobbying (“What exactly are the solutions regarding gun control?" Dec. 4). I feel that the courts must take responsibility for some of the problems we face in society — guns being just one.

Too many times, I have read a news story about someone being arrested for having a “firearm by a person prohibited” or arrested for DUI for the “sixth offense,” then being released on a low bond or on their own recognizance, only to be let loose on the streets to repeat. Mr. Sweeney also justifies having to show ID for gun purchases — I’m all for it, by the way — as in instances like purchasing Dayquil, but his obvious liberal bent would certainly be against having to show ID when voting.

Yes, ghost purchases and gun show purchases should be better regulated, but until the justice system in this country and state keep the offenders off the streets, don’t place the onus on law-abiding citizens.

R. Louis Frank


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