Fortney: Car insurance becoming funny business


Have you ever noticed that each time your car insurance comes due it keeps going up?

One time, a few years ago, I questioned the company about it, and they said, because Delaware is a small state and has way too many accidents, that the cost of repairs goes up.

Looks like our insurance commissioner has let us down. One reason is, as your car gets older, they pay less to fix it and even total it due to mileage and age. I think it should go down as your car ages, since they’re not going to fix it back to new.

Another thing is they will not recognize my driver’s license as a permanent Class D (which I have had for many, many years), only as a regular, even though I tried several times to talk to them.

The next bad thing is that good drivers are not put into a group of good drivers but mixed into all drivers, so their insurance goes down, but yours goes up. Unfair! And, to top off, we still have to pay for those that don’t buy insurance, which is a law, so these people should be fined highly and even put in jail a while. Just a small fine doesn’t do any good.

Same as always, those that obey the laws have to pay for those that don’t (just like the gun laws).

Marvin Fortney


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