Draper: Biden may be ‘only adult in the room’


Will our government function soon? Or will we continue to see Republicans hold the country hostage and endanger our national security?

Without a House speaker for 21 days, we saw that Republicans cannot govern and protect our country and our citizens. They have passed no farm bill, failed to properly fund our defense and have put their own political goals ahead of the national well-being. One senator is holding up the promotions for our military leaders and further endangering our welfare. This has to stop now!

We must pass the president’s funding request. Russia is now threating to invade Finland, a NATO country, which would result in the American military being brought into the fight. The only thing keeping them at bay is the unprecedented courage of the Ukrainian people. The attack on Israel can also not be ignored. It was not done by the greater Palestinian population but by the terrorists, who also hold them hostage. While the “Make America Great Again” crowd rails about the Southern border, they hold up the funding in this request, which would help ease many of the problems with immigration.

You may say that our country cannot afford the aid package. Just remember that the Bush and Trump tax cuts are responsible for 57% of the increase in the debt ratio. Tax giveaways to the wealthy continue to starve the government of revenue. Much of the money in this package for Ukraine will simply restock our own supplies of munitions.

With only days until the continuing resolution runs out, we are also looking at Republicans causing another government shutdown. Then, we will be faced with another credit downgrade, and the interest costs on our debt will continue to rise.

As people like Frank Daniels rail against President Joe Biden, it would appear that Biden is the only adult in the room (“I am embarrassed, angry and scared for our country,” Oct. 24).

Doris W. Draper


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