Daniels: I am embarrassed, angry and scared for our country


During Barack Obama’s campaign for the presidency in 2008, he chose Joe Biden to be his vice president. That choice was based on Joe’s alleged extensive knowledge of foreign affairs. Unfortunately, after eight years of Obama and Joe in charge, our foreign policy was left in shambles, as it was based on appeasement, compromise and compassion. The concept of peace through strength was, and is, a foreign concept to Joe.

President Donald Trump tried to bring America back but lost to Joe in 2020. Joe entered with all of his Obama holdovers, trashed everything Trump did with respect to foreign policy and brought back appeasement, compromise and compassion. The sad question is, did Joe do that because he thought it would be good for our country or out of pure hatred for Donald Trump? Today, we are seeing the horrific results of the misguided and dangerous policy of appeasement, compromise and compassion, and it’s threatening the very fabric of our country and our national security. Because of appeasement, compromise and compassion, the United States is seen as extremely weak, and it’s manifested in the alliances of Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

Because of appeasement and compromise, we had the sickening and shocking withdrawal from Afghanistan and are currently facing wars in Europe and the Middle East. Compassion has given us an open border that has allowed well over a million illegal “got aways” (I believe that number is low) to enter our country. What if only 1% of them are on the terrorist watch list? That is approximately 10,000 individuals! Where/who are those 10,000 and what are they doing/planning? Why didn’t those individuals walk up to our Border Patrol, give themselves up as many do and wait to get a court date for their supposed claim of “asylum”? Make no mistake: The border is wide open.

Remember, it was Obama (who was his vice president?) who gave Crimea to the Russians, and when they built up their forces on the border of Ukraine, Joe said a “minor” incursion was acceptable. Would that be acceptable if you lived there? The current conflict in Israel, which could blow up into a full-scale war engulfing the entire Middle East, was funded, backed and supported by Iran. However, Jake Sullivan, Joe’s national security adviser and an Obama holdover, states that the United States has no definitive proof that Iran was involved!

Let us not forget that Joe wants to reinstate the Iranian nuclear deal; dropped the sanctions imposed by President Trump, allowing them to enrich their coffers selling oil; and gave them $6 billion in a prisoner swap. Could those actions by Joe have helped and enabled what’s happening today? I’ve only heard Joe mention “Iran” once in his sparse public appearances since the slaughter of innocent Jews in early October.

I served in two combat zones and, because of my intense training and belief in God, felt confident enough to successfully complete any and all missions assigned. However, sitting here in Dover, I no longer feel that confident in my country’s ability to keep me safe from any and all adversaries.

The current administration is constantly asking me not to see what I am seeing but, rather, listen to their versions of what is happening at our border, across this land and across the world. The 2024 elections are getting closer and closer. The Democrats are constantly asking you to ignore what your eyes and ears see and hear, and the shrinking value of the dollar in your wallet. In my estimation, a vote to continue Democratic rule in this country and state is a vote to ignore reality.

Additionally, a vote for a Democrat also furthers the policies of appeasement, compromise and compassion, and the misguided notion that those policies will keep us safe. Sadly, I felt safer in a combat zone than I do here in the United States under Joe’s administration. At least in a combat zone, no one was trying to take away my Second Amendment rights.

Retired U.S. Army Reserve Col. Frank Daniels


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