Cephas: De minimis bill not a good fit for small businesses


As a small-business owner, I know firsthand how much of a challenge the last few years have been. Thanks to the work of President Joe Biden and our own Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., the economy is finally on the upswing for entrepreneurs in the First State.

Unfortunately, there’s legislation in the Senate now that could impact the success of my small business. Bills like the De Minimis Reciprocity Act would alter how I import products, making it more laborious — and, frankly, expensive — to get goods I need from around the globe. And, unfortunately, spending more on materials will inevitably translate to higher product prices for my customers and put me at a greater disadvantage when competing with bigger box retailers that can afford the overhead.

I hope Sen. Carper sees the potential consequences altering de minimis could have on Delaware’s small-business community, and I trust he will continue to have our back by not supporting it.

Andre Cephas

Manager, The Surf Shanty

Dewey Beach

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