Brett: Dems are majority because they have ‘authentic concern’


This letter is in response to the Opinion submitted by Bryan Shupe, Republican state representative of Milford’s 36th District (“2024 elections could create political ruling class,” Oct. 27). Mr. Shupe frets over the possibility of tyrannical control if the Democratic Party continues to win seats in the state legislature. He does not provide any Republican policy that we can get behind. He simply wants us to be afraid of voting for more Democrats.

I have much greater confidence than Mr. Shupe in our ability as citizens to choose what is best for us, our families and our communities. The Democratic Party holds a majority in our legislature because it fights for the needs of a diverse constituency. It prioritizes good jobs, affordable health and child care, a woman’s right to choose, a healthy environment and just treatment for all. Authentic concern for the people they serve is why Democrats are elected in Delaware.

In contrast, the Republican Party is not offering solutions. The most recent Republican president continues his attempt to undermine the basic tenet of our democracy and refuses to accept the results of a fair election, despite the rulings of over 60 court cases that have settled the fact that the elections were conducted in a fair manner. The recently selected Republican speaker of the House played a key role seeking to invalidate Electoral College votes. He also believes that being gay is an abomination.

Normally, I would consider national politics distinct from state or local politics. However, the Delaware Republicans have not made any effort to separate themselves from the extremist positions of the national party. In fact, my representative in the 41st District of Millsboro, Republican Rich Collins, actively attempts to further their agenda.

A few examples: In 2019, he introduced two pieces of legislation designed as obstacles to a woman’s right to abortion. House Bill 52 intended to repeal Delaware law related to abortion and replace it with his own views, adding significant penalties to physicians who do not act in accordance to his extremist views. House Bill 53 would have required a physician to offer an ultrasound to a woman seeking an abortion. Apparently, the little ladies are not capable of making their own informed decisions; they need the state of Delaware to interject itself.

Mr. Collins has hosted several events opposing wind farms and a proposal to decrease vehicle emissions. No alternative solutions were offered, only criticism for trying to act responsibly and pass a habitable planet on to future generations.

Rather than offering concrete solutions to today’s issues, Shupe refers to the abstract concept of “tyranny of majority” by a 19th-century French philosopher. Collins wants us to fight culture wars and ignore the real and present danger to our environment. Contrast that to Delaware Democrats’ advocacy for the everyday needs of all Delawareans, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why Democrats will keep being elected in our state. Delawareans vote for leaders with courage and vision.

Tom Brett


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