Asay: I’d vote ‘uncommitted’ in presidential primary


In Delaware, the presidential primary election has been canceled because there is only one candidate running for office. That’s a shame because I’d like to send a message to President Joe Biden that I am not happy with his handling of the catastrophe in Gaza.

Over 33,000 people have been killed in this war, and Joe Biden continues to send more bombs and bullets to Israel and then ask Congress for more. The people of Gaza who haven’t yet been killed by U.S.-made weapons are being starved to death. The people of Gaza no longer have homes because of the 2,000-pound U.S.-made bombs that have flattened their houses. Humanitarian aid supplies that are lined up at the entry gates are being blocked. Aid workers are being targeted and killed. Members of the press are being targeted and killed. Our president is helping this happen and using my tax dollars to do it.

Joe Biden doesn’t seem to understand how bad this looks to the rest of the world. He also doesn’t seem to be aware of how many Americans are appalled by this unrestrained killing. I’m angry and ashamed, and I’d like to send that message to help the president realize the mistake he is making.

I’d like to vote “uncommitted” in the Delaware Democratic presidential primary election.

Chris Asay


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