Teams prep for upcoming math league invitational

Delaware State News
Posted 3/28/16

DOVER — More than 2,000 students competed in the Delaware Secondary School Mathematics League for the 2015-16 school year, and with the four regional meets complete, the top teams and high scoring …

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Teams prep for upcoming math league invitational


DOVER — More than 2,000 students competed in the Delaware Secondary School Mathematics League for the 2015-16 school year, and with the four regional meets complete, the top teams and high scoring individuals in each regional will gather at the Modern Maturity Center for the statewide Invitational Meets and Awards Banquet beginning next week.

The purpose of the 39-year-old league is to cultivate interest in mathematics through team competition. This year there were 382 teams registered with 2,119 students participating across the state. Students represent 93 schools including 17 of the 19 public school districts and many charter, private and parochial schools. There were 212 teams at the middle school level competing in 12 regions and 170 teams at the high school level competing in eight regions.

There are four levels of competition — seventh grade, eighth grade, ninth grade and Grades 10-12. The 2016 Invitational Meets and Awards Banquets will be held Monday for the eighth grade, April 5 for the high school and April 11 for the seventh grade. Awards are presented at each banquet to high scoring teams and individuals for both the regional standings and for the Invitational Meet results.

More than 1,000 students, teachers and parents have registered for the three Invitational Awards Banquets.

The league is sponsored by the Delaware Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Coordinators are Denise I. Griffiths, Delaware Technical Community College, for Grades 7-8, and Thomas J. Koliss, Newark High School, for Grades 9-12.

Mathematics League Regional Standings

The following standings for are the results of the four regional Math League meets held throughout the school year. The standings include both teams and individuals for grades seven, eight, nine and 10-12. HM in some regions under the team section is Honorable Mention.

Seventh Grade

Region 1, Teams: 1st, P.S. duPont Middle School; 2nd, St. Edmond’s Academy. Individuals: 1st, Divita Taduvayi, P.S. duPont; 2nd, Keerthan Durasala, P.S. duPont; 3rd, Diya Mohnot, P.S. duPont

Region 2, Teams: 1st, Immaculate Heart Blue; 2nd, Immaculate Heart Gold; HM, St. Ann School. Individuals: 1st, Joseph Castelli, Immaculate Heart; 1st, Noah Cillo, Immaculate Heart; 2nd, Andrew McWilliams, Immaculate Heart; 2nd, Danielle Sabatina, Immaculate Heart; 2nd, Delaney Witherell, Immaculate Heart; 2nd, Lauren Dorsey, St. Ann; 3rd, Sean Dempsey, Immaculate Heart; 3rd, Meredith Kuchma, St. Ann

Region 3, Teams: 1st, Cab Calloway School of the Arts; 2nd, Brandywine Springs School. Individuals: 1st, Javier Lorenzo, St. Anthony of Padua School; 2nd, Daniel Lee, Cab Calloway; 3rd, Sudha Anilkumar, Cab Calloway.

Region 4, Teams: 1st, Conrad Schools of Science Scarlet; 2nd, Conrad Grey; HM, Red Lion Christian Academy. Individuals: 1st, Akaash Mahinth, Conrad; 2nd, Maggie Benson, Conrad; 3rd, Isabella Kusters, Conrad.

Region 5, Teams: 1st, H.B. duPont; 2nd, Independence School. Individuals: 1st, Jerry Lu, H.B. duPont; 2nd, Max You, H.B. duPont; 2nd, Justin Xu, Independence; 3rd, Alicia Cai, H.B. duPont; 3rd, Vincent Cai, H.B. duPont.

Region 6: Teams: 1st, Holy Angels School; 2nd, Kirk Middle School; 2nd, Shue-Medill Middle School. Individuals: 1st, Aaron Pierce, Gauger-Cobbs Middle School; 1st, Riley Pennington, Holy Angels; 2nd, Nathaniel Rosa, Holy Angels; 2nd, Brandon Yueng, Shue-Medill; 3rd, John Maichle, Holy Angels

Region 7, Teams: 1st, Newark Charter School Blue; 2nd, Newark Charter Red; HM, Christ the Teacher Catholic School. Individuals: 1st, Rohan Kanchana, Newark Charter; 1st, Helen Zhou, Newark Charter; 2nd, Ritika Mandavilli, Newark Charter; 2nd, Kevin Zhou, Newark Charter ; 3rd, Megan Chen, Newark Charter; 3rd, Karthik Kona, Newark Charter.

Region 8, Teams: 1st, MOT Charter School; 2nd, Alfred G. Waters Middle School. Individuals: 1st, Paige Zhang, Alfred G. Waters; 2nd, Maya Kannan, Alfred G. Waters; 2nd, Craig Roberts, Alfred G. Waters; 2nd, Joshua Pennington, MOT Charter; 2nd, Aman Singh, MOT Charter; 2nd, Victor Shi, Redding Middle School; 3rd, Aidan Mahar, Alfred G. Waters.

Region 9, Teams: 1st, Providence Creek Academy; 2nd, Central Middle School. Individuals: 1st, Megan Chen, Central; 1st, Ryan Smoker, Providence Creek; 2nd, Adil Sheikh, Campus Community School; 3rd, Kyle Gomez, Smyrna Middle School; 3rd, Gianna Hannum, Smyrna.

Region 10, Teams: 1st, Postlethwait Middle School. Individuals: 1st, Jacob Bole, Postlethwait; 2nd, Samantha Manjon, Holy Cross School; 3rd, Becca Wang, Holy Cross; 3rd, Priya Gupta, Postlethwait.

Region 11, Teams: 1st, Beacon Middle School Gold; 2nd, Beacon Blue; HM, Mariner Middle School Mathletes; HM, Mariner Super Power. Individuals: 1st, Jake Truitt, Beacon; 2nd, Bella Myers, Beacon; 3rd, Daniel Adili-Khams, Beacon.

Region 12, Teams: 1st, Millsboro Middle School; 2nd, Selbyville Middle School. Individuals: 1st, Ryan Burtson, Millsboro; 2nd, Allyson Clark, Selbyville; 3rd, Declan Burke, Selbyville .

Eighth Grade

Region 1, Teams: 1st, P.S. duPont; 2nd, Saint Edmond’s Academy. Individuals: 1st, Jessica Pei, P.S. duPont; 2nd, Connor Nagle, St. Mary Magdalen School; 3rd, Justine Wagaman, P.S. duPont.

Region 2, Teams: 1st, Immaculate Heart; 2nd, Tower Hill School. Individuals: 1st, Keo Pangan, Immaculate Heart; 2nd, Edward Myers, Immaculate Heart; 2nd, Riley Shahan, Immaculate Heart; 3rd, Isabel Snyder, PRIED

Region 3, Teams: 1st, Cab Calloway School; 2nd, Brandywine Springs School. Individuals: 1st, Udeerna Tippabhatla, Cab Calloway; 2nd, Prasanna Krishnamoorthy, Cab Calloway; 2nd, Marcel Mukundi, Freire Charter School; 3rd, Julianna Kolek, Cab Calloway.

Region 4, Teams: 1st, Conrad Grey; 2nd, All Saints Catholic School; 2nd, Conrad Scarlet. Individuals: 1st, Colin Stetler, All Saints; 1st, Nicholas Graybeal, Red Lion Christian Academy; 2nd, Srish Chenna, Conrad; 3rd, Shreyas Ravichandar, Conrad; 3rd, Matthew Winward, Red Lion.

Region 5, Teams: 1st, Independence; 2nd, H.B. duPont. Individuals: 1st, Alex Zhu, Independence; 2nd, Dennis Chu, H.B. duPont; 2nd, Andrew Shi, Independence; 3rd, Dustin Fang, Independence.

Region 6, Teams: 1st, Shue-Medill; 2nd, Holy Angels. Individuals: 1st, Haoyi Wong, Shue-Medill; 2nd, Austin Rayne, Shue-Medill; 3rd, Karen Fang, Holy Angels.

Region 7, Teams: 1st, Newark Charter A; 2nd, Newark Charter B; HM, Christ the Teacher Catholic School. Individuals: 1st, Pragyat Khanal, Newark Charter; 2nd, Jasmine Pasicolan, Christ the Teacher; 2nd, Evan Stosic, Christ the Teacher; 3rd, Rajeev Sashti, Newark Charter.

Region 8, Teams: 1st, St. Anne’s Episcopal School; 2nd, Alfred G. Waters; Individuals: 1st, Alyssa Lee, MOT Charter School; 2nd, Simone Green, Alfred G. Waters; 3rd, Shreya Bathula, MOT Charter; 3rd, Carter Galbus, St. Anne’s Episcopal; 3rd, Brooke Hollander, St. Anne’s Episcopal.

Region 9, Teams: 1st, Central; 2nd, Campus Community. Individuals: 1st, Christian Coté, Campus Community; 2nd, Aiden Werni, Central; 3rd, Raven Gaeta, Providence Creek.

Region 10, Teams: 1st, Postlethwait A; 2nd, Postlethwait B; HM, Dover Air Base Middle School. Individuals: 1st, Kerrance Dai, Postlethwait; 2nd, Evan Cheng, Postlethwait; 3rd, Konner Metz, Postlethwait.

Region 11, Teams: 1st, Beacon. Individuals: 1st, Morgan Whittam, Beacon; 2nd, Madeline Betts, Beacon; 3rd, Sierra Gloria, Beacon.

Region 12, Teams: 1st, Delmar Middle School; 2nd, Millsboro Middle School. Individuals: 1st, David Koval, Delmar; 2nd, Ethan Scott, Delmar; 3rd, Madison Johnson, Selbyville.

Ninth Grade

Region 1, Teams: 1st, Concord High School; 2nd, Archmere Academy. Individuals: 1st, Eli Gertler, Concord; 2nd, Abhinav Ratnagiri, Concord; 3rd, Vasu Jayanth, Concord.

Region 2, Teams: 1st, Sanford School; 2nd, St. Elizabeth High School. Individuals: 1st, Sean Holly, St. Elizabeth; 2nd, Joseph Bufano, John Dickinson High School; 2nd, Jessica Ip, Sanford; 2nd, Tina Xie, Wilmington Christian School; 3rd, Rishi Sreekanth, Sanford.

Region 3, Teams: 1st, Charter School of Wilmington A; 2nd, Charter B; HM, Tower Hill. Individuals: 1st, Grant Lu, Charter; 1st, Alex You, Charter; 2nd, Xiangyin Zhao, Charter; 3rd, Connor Barrett, Charter; 3rd, Sohum Shenoy, Charter; 3rd, Daniel Wei, Charter.

Region 4, Teams: 1st, Newark Charter A; 2nd, Newark Charter B: HM, St. Mark’s High School. Individuals: 1st, Sarah Ho, Newark Charter; 2nd, Natalie Ginsberg, Newark Charter: 2nd, Lawson Schultz, Newark Charter; 3rd, Noah Rossi, Newark Charter.

Region 5, Teams: 1st, Tatnall School; 2nd, Tall Oaks Classical School. Individuals: 1st, Hajae Ko, Tall Oaks; 2nd, Michael Zheng, Tatnall; 3rd, Emilia Onuonyu, Tatnall; 3rd, Ryan Sun, Tatnall.

Region 6, Teams: 1st, St. Andrew’s School A; 2nd, St. Andrew’s B; HM, Appoquinimink High School. Individuals: 1st, Enok Choe, St. Andrew’s; 1st, Kayla Jo, St. Andrew’s; 2nd, Sam Zhang, St. Andrew’s; 3rd, Ben Stewart, Appoquinimink.

Region 7, Teams: 1st, Dover High School; 2nd, Caesar Rodney High School. Individuals: 1st, Michael Hall, Caesar Rodney; 1st, Chandana Elavarthi, Dover; 2nd, Angel Chaudhary, MOT Charter; 3rd, Hunter Kruppa, Caesar Rodney; 3rd, Jarrett DeBenedictis, MOT Charter.

Region 8, Teams: 1st, Seaford High School; 2nd, Delmar. Individuals: 1st, Ronny Oropeza-Alcantara, Seaford; 2nd, Victor Mendez-Mendoza, Seaford; 2nd, Abraham Sanchez, Seaford; 2nd, Jacqueline Yeo, Sussex Technical High School; 3rd, Ged Pearson, Seaford.

10th-12th Grades

Region 1, Teams: 1st, Salesianum School; 2nd, Mount Pleasant High School. Individuals: 1st, Noah Carpe, Salesianum; 2nd, Matt Baxter, Salesianum; 2nd, Matt Kalin, Salesianum; 3rd, Jonathan Matsuura, Concord; 3rd, Will Nowland, Mount Pleasant

Region 2, Teams: 1st, Alexis I. duPont High School; 2nd, Sanford School. Individuals: 1st, Jinwoo Kim, Alexis I. duPont; 1st, Luke Oh, Sanford; 2nd, Joseph Pritchard, St. Elizabeth; 2nd, Daniel Lutz, Wilmington Christian; 3rd, Tim Zhang, Alexis I. duPont; 3rd, Philip Charles, Sanford.

Region 3, Teams: 1st, Charter A; 2nd, Charter B; HM, Tower Hill. Individuals: 1st, Hunter Wieman, Charter; 1st, YuQing Xie, Charter; 2nd, Andy Chen, Charter; 2nd, Ben Fickes, Charter; 3rd, Josh Fickes, Charter; 3rd, Michael Lan, Charter; 3rd, Mohan Malhotra, Charter; 3rd, Benjamin Xing, Charter School.

Region 4,Teams: 1st, St. Mark’s; 2nd, Newark Charter. Individuals: 1st, Tony Yang, St. Mark’s; 2nd, Adam Goldman, Glasgow High School; 3rd, Michael Chen, Newark Charter; 3rd, Calvin Duong, Newark High School.

Region 5, Teams: 1st, Conrad; 2nd, Tall Oaks. Individuals: 1st, Nick Yu, Tall Oaks; 2nd, Theresa Pan, Tatnall; 3rd, Desi Pilla, Conrad; 3rd, Vasista Vovveti, Conrad.

Region 6, Teams: 1st, St. Andrew’s A; 2nd, St. Andrew’s B; HM, Appoquinimink. Individuals: 1st, Tiger Luo, St. Andrew’s; 2nd, Ben Chen, St. Andrew’s; 3rd, Jake Landon, Appoquinimink; 3rd, John Paris, St. Andrew’s

Region 7, Teams: 1st, Caesar Rodney; 2nd, Smyrna High School; 2nd, St. Thomas More Academy. Individuals: 1st, Ashish Bachavala, Caesar Rodney; 1st, Samuel Mace, Smyrna; 2nd, Jacob Raser, Smyrna; 3rd, Zachary Gafford, Polytech High School.

Region 8, Teams: 1st, Sussex Technical High School; 2nd, Sussex Central High School. Individuals: 1st, Trevor Beachboard, Sussex Central; 1st, Zoe Stayman, Sussex Technical; 2nd, Megha Patel, Cape Henlopen High School; 3rd, Jimmy Neely, Sussex Technical

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