Speak Up: Permit to purchase, needed or not?


Senate Bill 2 would require Delawareans purchasing a gun to show proof of completing a firearm training course within the last five years in order to receive a purchase permit. They would also complete an application that includes fingerprinting and a background check. Opponents declare it to be unconstitutional overreach, and supporters say it will reduce gun violence. What stance are you taking on the proposed legislation and why?

  • We have a constitutional right to bear arms. I take no issue with the background check, but requiring not just a safety course but essentially one every five years is ridiculous. Those committing gun violence don’t care about the law, and they won’t care about this one. It will only impact the law-abiding citizens and is one more step in attempting to take away our rights. People need to wake up. Enforcement of existing laws and prosecution of offenders would do much more to prevent gun violence. Criminals don’t obey laws. — Lynn Ridgeway
  • It would force people to go buy a gun off the street, making criminals rich. Wow. I may have a new retirement gig. — Bryan Bailey
  • It’s a waste and an unnecessary restriction. How exactly will it stop gun violence? Criminals don’t obey the law in the first place. — Howard Fortner
  • For the life of me, I cannot understand how anyone can believe this will keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people. The “wrong people” are absolutely not going to apply for a permit to purchase a gun. More than likely, they’re already prohibited. But let’s create a brand-new feel-good law that will do nothing except prohibit the law-abiding gun owner from obtaining a gun immediately when they need one. I used to work at a local federal firearms licenser and shooting range, and I will never forget when an elderly couple walked in to purchase a firearm because they had been victims of a home invasion. This man dropped his pants and showed us his bruises of one leg and down the other, which he acquired by fighting off the assailants to protect his wife. He wanted something for her protection, and he left with it because he never wanted to be a victim again. This is going to hurt those elderly people and any other person who’s a victim. Let’s start by prosecuting the laws that are already on the books instead of dropping those charges. Not to mention that most people who purchase guns legally are more than willing to take training classes on their own without being told to do so. Firearm training should be done periodically anyhow. — Cindy Ennis
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