Capt. Phip’s Seafood fined for visa fraud


U.S. District Judge Ellen L. Hollander on Nov. 23 sentenced Phillip J. “Jamie” Harrington III of Dorchester County to one year of probation, a $10,000 fine, a $5,000 special assessment and 100 hours of community service for unlawful employment of undocumented workers.

Judge Hollander also sentenced Capt. Phip’s Seafood Inc. to three years’ probation and a $240,000 fine for visa fraud related to the employment of temporary workers at the Harrington Companies.

  • This is an example of companies taking advantage of people without legal documentation to stay in the country. These companies profit more using these practices because they are taking advantage of people in desperate need of employment and here unlawfully. There is opposition against people entering the U.S. without documentation but not the companies who encourage them to come or stay after their visa status is expired. People without documentation are escaping poverty, just as Americans move from place to place in search of employment when there is little employment opportunities where they are. People in desperation search for opportunities, and if there is an opportunity to relieve their suffering, albeit unlawful, like this company knowingly did, they will. I am not for people in the country without legal documentation, but there is equal or more blame for companies who encourage and take advantage of them.  -- Brian Keith
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