Speak Up: Delaware House passes final revisions to redistricting


Tweaks to the General Assembly’s new House of Representatives and Senate districts, as recommended by the Department of Elections, passed the House last week. Gov. John Carney approved the proposed districts in November, but House Bill 335 is verifying subsequent border changes made by the Department of Elections. The legislation states that those changes would minimize the need for new election districts and increase the efficiency of elections. HB 335 passed with 39 yes votes and two abstentions. Rep. Mike Ramone, R-Newark, was one who abstained, voicing concern about changed language in the bill. According to one of the last lines of the legislation, “two true and correct copies of these maps shall also be filed within 10 business days of becoming final,” which was changed from “not later than January 1, 2022.”

  • Without the “people’s” input, this is a disgrace. We are now put into the 23rd District with a far-left-wing progressive, who cares only about the left and is not a representative for all! Thanks to the typical Delaware way and the Delaware Democratic Party! — Cal William
  • Democrats stacking the deck, are they? — Willie Preacher
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