Brown: Questions raised by open letter


Last week's Viewpoint page featured an open letter submitted by the Maryland House Republican Caucus expressing their concerns that a juvenile sex offender convicted of second-degree rape attends a public school in Baltimore.

My first question to the authors is this: Are you equally or more concerned that your candidate for president of our country has been found liable for sexual abuse (rape according to the judge)? If so, I haven't heard you say so.

Or does it bother you that he worships the worst violent authoritarian dictators in the world, including Vladimir Putin, and wants to be one himself? Are you concerned that he wants to suspend our Constitution and system of government and install himself as authoritarian dictator of our own country, or that he staged an insurrection to overthrow our free and fair election to do just that?

Is it ok with you that he is charged with 91 crimes in multiple indictments and about to stand trial for those? Do you like that he wants to be able to arrest and even kill his opponents?

Do you think it's "presidential" for him to disparage and demean our brave men and women who serve in the armed forces and all those who put their lives on the line as "suckers and losers"? Does it concern you that he lies every time he opens his mouth? (The Washington Post counted an astonishing 33,000 lies just in his one term as president).

What astonishes us is that you and the Republican Party Trump cultists are strangely silent about his contemptible character and behavior, and seem to approve of it and seem to want more of it by electing him again. If I am wrong, prove it. What say you, Republicans?

Mike Brown

Dorchester County

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