Speak Up: Dover mayor optimistic over speedway changes


The city of Dover is “optimistic” that the proposed sale of Delaware’s independently owned NASCAR track to Speedway Motorsports, announced earlier this month, will help rev the local economy. Dover Mayor Robin Christiansen said that, since he heard about the acquisition, he’s been doing some research.

“Speedway Motorsports seems to be a pretty solid organization,” he said. “From what I’ve read about these folks, they are going to continue to be good stewards of the history and potential that Dover International Speedway has.”

  • How about we reinvigorate Dover first? — Jeff Cerri
  • Whatever happened to that new entrance to the mall and Dover Downs, off of Route 1, that was supposed to be built? — Christian Orendorf
  • That fell apart quick. Nothing even at the mall anymore worth going to. — Wes Johnson
  • Why build that when everyone goes to either Rehoboth or Christiana? — David Jones
  • Night race. Otherwise, the Dover track will end up a memory. — Pam Durham Styer
  • Should do something like a Friday Night Lights or Monday race to get the TV ratings. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a just a matter of time before we lose racing all together. SMI just announced North Wilkesboro Speedway just received $18 million from the state government, and they plan to reopen soon and bring a race back. They may just take Dover’s last date. I certainly hope that’s not the case, but attendance numbers will determine its fate. — Todd Culotta