Speak Up: What more is needed to attack addiction in the First State?


AtTAck addiction and Impact Life recently opened a Behavioral Health Resource Center in Peoples Plaza in Glasgow, offering services like housing referrals, online support and harm-reduction help. Its founder said, “We want to make it easy for the community to come in here, find what they need, whatever that might be, (and) to assist people in recovery (with) mental health issues and any other services they might need.” As opioid use and accidental overdoses skyrocket, what can be done to stem the tide? How do facilities such as this one help and what more can they do?

  • Closing the Southern border, Joe Biden, and reducing the quantity coming in this country would be a good start. — Bob Hice
  • Do your research. Most, if not all, of the fentanyl is made and comes from China. That is part of the discussion Joe Biden and the China ruler are talking about. Before we had any border problems, drugs like processed cocaine and heroin all came into Florida from Colombia. We have had a drug problem for hundreds of years. Will never go away. — Denise Bella
  • Yep, made in China and pouring in our Southern border. It sounds like you believe that China is going to “reduce” the quantity of fentanyl flowing into this country. It is China’s mission, among others, to destroy this country. But idiot Joe Biden and the liberals never seem to understand that. — Bob Hice
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