Speak Up: What more can be done to support veterans on Delmarva?


Veterans Day is a time to reflect on former military members’ service and sacrifice. Take Jeremy Brown, a former C-17 pilot in the U.S. Air Force, who now uses his skills as a business owner in Dover. As we honor those who have guaranteed our freedoms, what more can be done for these men and women? If you are a veteran, what resources do you use in your civilian life? How can those who haven’t served be of assistance?

  • All veterans deserve our respect and especially our thanks for still serving or serving in the past. A thank-you. A handshake. If in a food line, buy their meal. They do and did what I did not. I am 70, and I am so grateful to be able to live a free life because of them all. — Denise Bella
  • Make Delaware a tax-exempt state for military retirement pay. It would definitely increase the amount of veterans who would retire here. — Christina Camp
  • I must have interviewed 30 times for a state job and nada. I finally gave up. — Bob Hice
  • Stop jerking around and listen to the majority rule of your voters. Stop fighting and delaying the legal pot laws, so U.S. veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety can be helped. — Crystal Hamilton
  • We should respect and honor our veterans every day! — Jennifer Rambo
  • How about increased support to Home of the Brave? — Sara Anne
  • Dover has always been a military-friendly area. Buy a veteran coffee and thank them for their service. — Howard Gaines III
  • All should have housing and health care. All, not some. All. — Royal Jen Fergie
  • We should stop sending our service members to die in undeclared wars or to return home with injuries — both visible and unseen — and take care of the veterans here, especially the ones suffering due to those unconstitutional wars. Delaware can help by passing the “Defend the Guard Delaware” legislation to prevent our state’s Guard from being deployed without a declaration of war by Congress. — Carter Hill
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