Speak Up: Responses to question on repelling mosquitoes


The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control is beginning its annual spraying of spring woodland pools to control aquatic immature mosquitoes this week, starting in Sussex County, then expanding into Kent and New Castle. What tricks do you have for keeping mosquitoes at bay?

  • Somehow, lure barn swallows to build a nest nearby, then they and their children will swoop around your yard, eating the mosquitoes, flies, etc., for free and without harm to the environment. — Linda Shockley
  • Spray permethrin on your outdoor/mowing/gardening clothes. Good for five to six washings, and store in a bag away from cats. Permethrin affects cats. I also use a dryer sheet under my hat while mowing and doing yardwork to keep away flies and mosquitoes. — Chuck Holliday
  • I use a bug trap, and it does a pretty good job. — Bob Hice
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