Speak Up: Responses on improving education


The Delaware Department of Education recently released the 2022-23 statewide assessment scores, showing mixed results across all grades that took the standardized tests. While the post-pandemic data is not as positive as many would like, schools across the country are seeing similar outcomes. Some view this as an opportunity for stakeholders on all sides to get involved in helping students move forward. What should schools, educators, parents and children do to improve test scores in Delaware? What are you doing to help the students in your life have a successful experience in their day-to-day and year-to-year results in school?

  • What difference would it make until parents are more involved? — Jeff Grzeszczak
  • Discipline and teaching the basics. We have gone away from students working with those of similar ability and have classrooms with 30-plus students of varying skill levels. That is not an efficient way to teach, and if a kid can’t keep up, too bad. If a kid is well ahead of their peers and is bored from a lack of challenge, too bad. Districts do not care. — Melissa Harrison
  • Money is not the answer. Parenting is the biggest factor. Discipline and accountability are major factors. Stop the “woke” stuff now and start teaching what you’re supposed to. — Bob Hice
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