Speak Up: License plate readers boost safety throughout Delaware


Since May, eight license plate reader cameras mounted throughout Harrington have boosted safety in the area.

And they have done so for the rest of Kent County, as well as in various locations statewide.

That’s according to state Rep. Shannon Morris, who allocated $25,000 of his district’s Community Transportation Funds for the cameras in Harrington.

  • Running plates is not a reason to pull someone over. That’s just looking for any reason to write a ticket. Shaking my head. — Tamara Foster
  • Excellent idea! — Vincent Deskiewicz
  • I myself worry about police safety every day due to their uniforms/vehicles. They severely lack reflective and/or safety colors. Most are black and extremely hard to see these days. What if someone hits them? You’d think they’d want to be nice and bright-colored to be recognizable when someone needs help. I’m working up a bill proposal to present to my local senator to change this. “Here to Help, Not Hide Act” or “Be Seen, Stay Safe.” — Earl White
  • Big Brother tracking your every movement. — Bob Hice
  • Public roads, yeah. It helps find wanted criminals and Amber Alert cars. — Peggy Nofftz
  • At the cost of over-penalizing everybody for doing what everybody else does. The amount of times that this has actually helped is almost zero. The chances of this actually being used to find somebody in the way that you said is literally a fever dream. — Rob Falco
  • That is a benefit, but as we all know, the government will use this to monitor and track everyday citizens for whatever purpose they deem necessary. As usual, the evils outweigh the benefit. — Bob Hice
  • Of course, but if a killer is out there or a child missing, I don’t care if they track me. We are already being tracked by our phones. — Peggy Nofftz
  • Not to mention facial recognition cameras. — Robert Beckman
  • They’ve been using those for years in Rehoboth and Dewey. — Randy Painter
  • That’s cheating. — Terry Spence
  • John Carney cameras. — Rags Rags
  • The ones posting the negative comments will be demanding the police shut down the roads if their kid went missing. If you have nothing to hide, you have zero to worry about. It’s an amazing tool. It’s a camera; everyone has them now. You’re almost always covered. — Robert Zarro
  • Big Brother and the socialist comrades are on a power trip. This does nothing to reduce violence or serious crimes. — Cliff Earle
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