Speak Up: Delaware lawmakers introduce bill to protect families from lead-based paint exposure


Sen. Sarah McBride announced the introduction of legislation May 8 that takes a proactive, preventive approach to address lead exposure in the First State. Accompanied by two significant state investments to further the effort, Senate Bill 9 implements framework to identify and remedy Delaware homes with lead-based paint.

Delaware was the first state to ban the use of lead-based paint on outdoor structures in 2018, but despite the progress, the discovery of elevated lead levels in school water in 2020 showed a need for “boldness and urgency” to address such exposure, Sen. McBride said.

Lead-based paint in homes contribute to the more than 500 small children in Delaware diagnosed with elevated lead levels in their blood each year. Such exposure can lead to neurological damage, developmental issues and other health concerns, like seizures.

  • I have always supported Sarah McBride, who is part of the LGBTI community, which I represent. But, this time, she has gone too far! — Ruth Hamilton
  • Wait, isn’t there already a law about lead-based paint? Besides, I don’t think it exists anymore, so what a total waste of taxpayers’ money and time! — Judy Malin Mangini
  • Feds banned it in 1978. — Bob Beckman
  • When was the last time folks sold and used lead-based paint in this state? — Howard Gaines III
  • This ought to go as well as them hiding the results of lead tests in government-run school water. — Libertarian Party of Delaware
  • thought families were already protected from lead paint. — Bob Hice
  • There’s already federal law. — Rob Arlett
  • No one to enforce the law! — Jerry Butler
  • Really? Is this even a thing anymore? So many more important things the government should be worried about. Like how to limit themselves. We need to cut the government back, not extend it to areas it shouldn’t even be involved in. — Delaware Tactical
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