Speak Up: Delaware begins negotiations for two planned offshore wind projects


As the state eyes ways to achieve its greenhouse gas reduction goals, Delaware has launched negotiations with US Wind on two offshore wind projects. A lease area designated by the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management in Delaware and Maryland waters has been set as the home for the two proposals: MarWin and Momentum Wind.

  • So, John Carney wants to take his turn killing whales. — Robert Beckman
  • Keep this out of our oceans! I love how Greenpeace makes the planet worse just hiding this in the ocean to affect wildlife and keep it out of sight of us. — Kevin Maloney
  • So, you favor oil drilling off our coast rather than wind turbines. — Kathleen Robertson
  • Yes! Definitely. — Dennis Kirkwood
  • Yes, definitely. — Cindy Burge
  • Yup. — Kevin Maloney
  • Save the whales. — Bob Hice
  • Who will clean up the mess when they break down? Who will clean up the mess when they are no longer serviceable? Who pays to have them removed? Go ahead, Delaware, walk right into yet another costly, stupid agreement with some company that could not care less after it gets what it wants. I recall the ill-fated Indian River Inlet Bridge. Or maybe it’s another case of politicians lining their pockets, while helping their friends and donors. I recall the property where Grotto now sets. Or even more recent, where the new hotel is, across from the sports complex. The only negotiations Delaware Democrats engage in are those that enhance their own finances. — Dennis Mehrenberg
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