Speak Up: Delaware auditor indicted, continued


Delaware State Auditor Kathy McGuiness was indicted on misdemeanor and felony charges for alleged wrongful actions, including hiring her teenage daughter for a seasonal job without an interview and providing her access to a state-issued vehicle. (She has entered a not guilty plea.)

  • They all do it. There has been a “housecleaning” going on in their ranks. Pop some corn. — Sherry Long
  • Not at all. Just Democrats turning on each other to get ahead in the climb to the top. — Shyla Lyons
  • Turning on each other? You mean holding people in their own party accountable for their felonies and misdemeanors? Instead of turning a blind eye to it because it’s another Democrat? If there is corruption in your own party, it’s your obligation to rid your party of that corruption. That’s how you give your own party credibility. — Christopher Joyce
  • It’s very disappointing when a person responsible for government accountability shows such poor judgement, regardless of party. She should resign or be fired, in addition to any criminal penalties. — Austin Acocella
  • Crooked Democrats. Vote Republican in 2022 and 2024. — Lacey Lafferty
  • I’m more interested in the story that broke a few months ago, about Delaware giving millions more to multiple pharmaceutical companies than what was owed. It seems, through deductive reasoning, the auditor would have a connection to similar cases. — Jeremiah Jones
  • Then she has to go. But we all know how the DNC of Delaware protects their felons. — Willie Preacher
  • I’ve seen that in places besides her office. — Linda M. Boyles
  • Well, turn in those politicians. — Gray Goodman
  • Liberals eating their own to clear a pass to the governor’s mansion. Sink in yet? — Tom Horn Jr.
  • Glad to see this, but this must be a thing in Delaware because, I mean, is she the only Delaware politician who has a child benefiting from their office? Someone who has a seat on various boards that makes money off their parent’s position? Gets away with various things that any normal person would not? Anyone? — Kellie O’Neill Michaud
  • Happens about every 24-30 years. GOP did it in the ’90s after decades in power. — Dave Bonar