Speak Up: Academy of Dover celebrates 20 years, with much growth seen since 2019


The Academy of Dover charter school opened its doors 20 years ago, and its staff, students and families have plenty of reasons to celebrate. Just five years back, when head of school Dr. Michelle Marinucci began her role, the then-K-5 facility was struggling. Enrollment was too low to open, prompting her to get special permission to do so from the Delaware Board of Education mere days after she started.

  • This is great! I am a huge fan of charter and private schools. They give parents more choices. Small class sizes are critical in many of the primary grades. The 30 kids per class is just unacceptable. Way to go, Academy of Dover! Sounds like you offer a lot more! — Beth Gallagher
  • Funny how free-market capitalism always does better than socialism. Give the people their own money back, in the form of school tax dollars, and let them decide, not the educrats. — 31st District Republicans
  • Yeah, Delaware schools are a great example of that! I don’t want to detract from this school’s success, though. Sounds like they have a great leader! — Beth Gallagher
  • Dope. — JND Straight
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