Speak Up: Zero-emission vehicle bills voted through committee in Delaware’s General Assembly


Lawmakers from both houses of Delaware’s General Assembly debated legislation regarding the state’s push toward zero-emission vehicle standards May 10. The three pieces of legislation, House bills 9 and 10 and Senate Bill 103, were part of the widespread climate solutions package introduced by Democrats in the House of Representatives and Senate on May 2.

The first bill considered was House Bill 10, sponsored by Rep. Debra Heffernan, D-Bellefonte, which establishes targets for the state’s yearly purchase of electric school buses, beginning at 5% in fiscal year 2025 before a gradual increase to 30% by fiscal year 2030.

  • We the people don’t want this. — Margaret Mclaughlin
  • Bills voted through by people who have no clue about the dangers of these vehicles to the owners and to our land. Just following the president. — Cindy Burge
  • Can’t wait to see those electric state police helicopters and electric snowplows. — Jack Jordan
  • This is trying to follow California. The trucking companies can’t afford to go electric. Most of the delivery trucks run two shifts a day. No time to charge between shifts, so they would need double the trucks or to not deliver half of the goods. — Ronald Kline


Superintendent of Milford schools is leaving

Milford School District superintendent Dr. Kevin Dickerson is leaving his role after nearly seven years to become the superintendent of the Polytech School District. Dr. Dickerson previously served as assistant superintendent and as principal of Milford Middle School.

“I am very grateful for the years spent working in the Milford School District and serving the great communities of our district. Furthermore, I am especially grateful to have had the opportunities to interact with so many wonderful students, staff, families, board members and community members. I wish everyone within the Milford School District the best and much success in the future,” he said in a statement.

  • We are blessed to have him. So glad my son will have him for his senior year! Integrity, fairness, kindness, truthfulness and love of his students. — Trisha Carpenter Queen-Barr
  • Congratulations! — Marcia Johnson
  • Sad to see him go but wishing him all the best! Congratulations. — Shan Monique
  • Sad. I certainly wish Dr. Dickerson the best. Personally, I feel he has done a good job and will be missed. — Thomas J. Chilton
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