Sowers: Here’s some examples of how Trump will expand corruption


Donald Trump is a big story with a lot of little stories inside of it. In one little story, there are many images out there with Trump’s face pasted over faces of various cartoon heroes and movie characters, and in associations with other important people. In examples that I found on the internet, Trump’s face was pasted onto figures of Rambo (with a big gun), Superman, Iron Man, some unknown medieval warrior (with a big sword), the Terminator (and his shotgun), John Wayne (or was it Matt Dillon?) and even Santa Claus! Some pictures place Trump in some juxtaposition with Jesus. What is going on here?

The cartoon heroes all did good. They caught bad guys or got justice. These heroes were part of fairytale cartoon stories that had beginnings, simple plots (“Make America Great Again”?) and always big, good, happy endings. But, to enjoy cartoon plots, you don’t need to read, think or know any real history.

Here is another little story about Trump: There is a conflict between the “real-life Trump” and the “cartoon hero Trump.” In reality, he is full of destructiveness and darkness. He did the following things: He attempted the overthrow of the 2020 election by a “heads I win, tails you lose” grift. He has repeatedly advocated for violence and civil war (in social media posts). He has repeatedly advocated for suspending the Constitution when it fits his need. He wants to put his critics in jail. He claims he has absolute immunity. He says he will “go after” all his enemies (Jesus prefers that we “forgive those … ”). He defiantly undermines legal protocol in court cases against him but supports legal protocol when he is doing the suing (hypocrisy). He continually gets into legal troubles; attacks courts, their staff and their judges; interferes with people’s personal lives; name calls; encourages the intimidation of jurors; and twists his stories to present his fantasy as fact.

The third little story is about the future. He has already told us that he will replay the “heads I win, tails you lose” grift for the 2024 election (goodbye, democracy). And this “disease” is already spreading. Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., now says he, too, might not accept the 2024 election results. And, in a recent interview of Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, he weaseled all over the place as he answered the question about accepting the 2024 election results. Trump is working with the “Project 2025” people to replace functional people with “loyalists” (i.e., booty kissers). Trump’s invitation to the oil industry to donate $1 billion to his campaign and get a hundred times back in special favors (i.e., inviting a bribe) is proof that he is going to expand corruption.

Arthur E. Sowers


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