Rothenberg: Website offers key info about school board elections


School board elections are grassroots democracy at its best. In Delaware, you don’t even need to be registered to vote to cast your ballot; every adult resident is eligible to vote in their local school district. The election is nonpartisan; candidates do not run as representatives of any political party. They run as individuals who care about the education of the next generation — about children who will become citizens, workers, leaders and innovators. School board elections are not only important to parents and grandparents, but they matter to everyone concerned about the future of our planet. Yet, only 10% of eligible voters typically show up to vote in Delaware school board elections.

Applauding the candidates who are volunteering to serve their communities on local school boards, the League of Women Voters of Delaware has designed a user-friendly website,, to enable them to share their views, as well as to encourage voters to cast an informed ballot. All seven candidates, across three school districts in Delaware, have been invited to post their biographies, their visions for the future and their positions on critical topics facing our education system today, including providing support for student mental health issues, community calls for removing books and programs, and ensuring equitable access to special education services. The candidates’ responses are posted verbatim, without any editing or comment, and they can be easily compared.

As a nonpartisan organization, the League of Women Voters urges every Delaware resident to go to the polls May 14 and cast a ballot for the candidate who best reflects their views. The strength of democracy depends on voter participation, and the future of our democracy hinges on the education of the next generation. Go to for polling place locations, as well as personalized candidate information and other election details.

Martha Rothenberg

President, League of Women Voters of Sussex County

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