Roof: Global warming is the ‘greatest hoax’


In a recent rant, Arthur Sowers is again extolling the virtues of global warming (“Electric bills are going up a lot, anyway”). Sadly, he has his congregants who worship at that same altar of nonsense.

When are people going to realize that, just like the “emperor’s new clothes,” this single issue is the greatest hoax that has ever been foisted on mankind. Stop listening to the Chicken Littles of this world. People like Al Gore and John Kerry have used this as a vehicle to enrich themselves, and you have gotten nothing in return.

In elementary school basic science, we learn that carbon is the building block of the universe. Later, in biology, we learn that only by using carbon dioxide can plants grow and flourish, while at the same time, they produce the byproduct, oxygen, that animals could not survive without.

If those known facts are so hard to understand, and you still buy into the nonsense of the polar ice caps melting and the subsequent sea rise that follows, then remember where you live. Delaware has the lowest “mean” elevation of any state in the nation. At 60 feet, you’ll still need to travel to the Pennsylvania border to exceed that. If any of this fairytale were true, all the coastal cities and most of Florida would be underwater. If it were true, why do people like Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Al Gore, Jeff Bezos and millionaires all across the globe own “beachfront” property? Why would financial institutions even bother contracting deals if the land will be underwater in less than a decade?

There’s a grander scheme involved with global warming and “reducing carbon footprint.” You are the carbon footprint they need removed. This allows them to sell the gullible on wind and sun farms. Yet, they use these schemes to propagate the notion that these items can replace “fossil fuels” (which, by the way, are not produced by fossils at all).

This goes back to grade school chemistry. Such methods as sun and wind are inherently tied to batteries, since you can’t “store” electricity any other way. Batteries are really inefficient when you consider their usage versus the cost of production or the environmental destruction in obtaining the materials to make them.

When challenged on these facts, we hear the frantic cries of disastrous weather effects being caused by “global warming.” So, let’s address that. Have you ever been near a solar farm? Absolutely nothing grows in, under or around these monsters. The solar panels, which have a limited life span, scorch the earth. Nothing can survive the intense heat of these places, and oxygen near them is at a premium. In their 15-20-year life span, they lose efficiency from day one, and when they no longer produce, there’s no means of recycling or disposing of them.

Next, let’s go to the wind farms. Each windmill on land costs between $2.5 million and $4 million (offshore windmills cost about $10 million). Each windmill requires about 700 gallons of “fossil fuel” oil to operate. This oil also has a life span and must be replaced every nine to 16 months.

If you’ve ever flown over the U.S. Great Basin area or what we tend to call “Tornado Alley,” you have seen hundreds to thousands of these monstrosities. The wind direction in the United States is in a northwesterly flow, and the wind coming across the Rocky Mountains pours into this basin. Back to high school physics, we learned that a force must act through a distance to perform work. Wouldn’t the windmills sap the energy from those prevailing winds and possibly impact the weather at any point east of these massive farms? A fact being hidden in the media and by these global warmers is a 2018 study done by Lee Miller and David Keith of Harvard University. Their research shows that the significant increases in surface temperatures can and did affect the weather. Did anyone wonder if this might be the major causal factor in the significant increase in severity and creation of tornadoes along the Great Basin in recent months?

There are dozens of questions the climate zealots ignore. As we saw in Texas a while back, snowstorms freeze windmills and shut down sun farms. With no alternative, do we resort back to primitive caveman methods? Why are we closing coal-powered electric plants when the Chinese have increased theirs exponentially? Why have several European countries stopped recycling waste (another ancillary hoax) and created plants to burn it to power electrical generation? Instead of closing all nuclear power plants, why aren’t we spending money wasted on windmills and sun farms on building more and better facilities using this clean, eternal source of energy? And, lastly, if this is a real issue, why has the only change to any of this been that our taxes have increased, but the weather remains the same?

George Roof


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