Possums’ Radio Theater turning back to old-time comedy broadcasts


GEORGETOWN — While the weather might be chilly, and the pandemic is still threatening, Possum Point Players Radio Theater offers an invitation to a safe and warm presentation of humorous and nostalgic live radio shows Feb. 21. Possum Point Players Radio Theater is an affiliate of the Possums’ community theater group. According to PPP Radio Theater member Bernie Noeller, the presentation is suitable for all ages and promises a fun-filled program of re-creating old-time radio broadcasts from the 1940s. The players will read from scripts taken from the “Golden Age of Radio,” and the sound effects technician will be seen busily providing such scripted noise as a little thunder, dinner dishes rattling to the table, perhaps a train and the serious sounds of a courtroom. Appearing as the radio actors are Jennifer Schultz, Marilyn Ransom Noeller and Mr. Noeller, all of Lewes; Andrew Hertzberg of Broadkill Beach; Carole Mason and George Mason, both of Milford; and Peter Schott of Rehoboth Beach. They are joined by E.J. Panico of Seaford, Dina Cavallaro of Milton, Tony Pirantozzi of Millsboro and Gina Shuck of Dover. Andy Rollman of Broadkill Beach is the “sound guy.” Mr. Noeller said there are more than 80 sound effects for the show, including actual cuts from old-time radio presentations. He said there are episodes from several shows of the era when radio comedy and drama was the primary in-home entertainment for families. Included in the presentation at Possum Hall will be episodes from the Goodman Ace series “Easy Aces” and from “The Fabulous Dr. Tweedy.” For most audience members, it will be the first exposure to the madcap homelife of the Aces and the mythical campus of Potts College, where the absent-minded Dr. Tweedy is a professor of philosophy who tries to stay one step ahead of Miss Tilcy, the dean of women. At least one well-known blast from the past, the Abbott and Costello classic “Who’s on First?” will close the production.

The show starts at 2 p.m. Feb. 21. Theater seating in Possum Hall is appropriately spaced according to Division of Public Health protocols, masks are required, and movement to and from restroom facilities is guided. In addition, hand sanitizer will be available throughout the theater. All seats are $10, and tickets can be purchased by calling 856-3460. Seats are reserved, and parties who purchase tickets together can be seated together. The home of Possum Point Players, Possum Hall, is located at 441 Old Laurel Highway in Georgetown. Directions are available on the PPP website, possumpointplayers.org. Drinks and other refreshments will be available by in-seat service. For additional information, visit possumpointplayers.org or call 856-3460.

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