Dalphon: Licensure compact eases health profession’s ability to help patients


To solve today’s most pressing health care challenges, we must embrace modern solutions. That’s why, as a board-certified physician associate/physician assistant, I’m thrilled that Delaware became the second state in the country to enact the PA Licensure Compact.

As a practicing dermatology PA for over a decade, I’ve seen just how challenging it can be for patients to access quality health care. The PA Licensure Compact bill better positions physician assistants to remain key health care providers and increases the profession’s ability to continue working toward improved patient health and access to health care.

Under the compact, physician assistants holding a valid, unencumbered license in one compact state will be able to apply for a “compact privilege” to provide health care services, such as telehealth, to patients in other compact states.

I know how impactful this compact will be because I feel the effects of state license limitations every day. My husband, an emergency room PA, and I both live in Pennsylvania and work in Delaware and Maryland. We often cross three state lines on our way to work. Living and working in the “tri-state” area as a physician assistant has many advantages but ultimately requires three state licensures. We all know the financial and time burden it takes to obtain licensure in each individual state. The licensure process can be frustrating, repetitive and time-consuming.

Waiting to start practicing in a new state while the paperwork is filed takes time away from patient care. This is time our patients cannot afford.

As one of the fastest-growing health care professions in the country, physician assistants are uniquely positioned to be part of the solution to improving access to health care. PAs are committed to patient-centered care, and I believe this licensure compact will benefit patients across the state.

Gwen Dalphon

Landenberg, Pa.

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