Letter to the Editor: Who else but Biden is to blame for ‘complete shambles’?


In response to a July 7 opinion (“GOP misdirection on gas prices designed to win over the electorate”), I ask, “How can America not blame President Joe Biden for the complete shambles America is now in under his watch?”

His blame on everyone but himself now falls on deaf ears, including Democrats who are running for election or reelection in November. Why is it so cryptic that when pal Joey goes to a state to speak and explain his failing plans where an individual is running, they do not appear at the president’s side? They announce another commitment (but do not say specifically with whom or exactly when).

Self-preservation is a key component to these Democrats. There are also many current White House staffers who are jumping the sinking ship captained by Joseph R. Biden.

Biden has lost America’s presidential confidence in him throughout our beloved country.

May God always bless the United States of America!

Beverly E. Monahan


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