Letter to the Editor: Law is negatively affecting solar customers


I recently received a letter from Delmarva Power.

Among the things it states: They are “committed to supporting customers interested in solar energy. In July 2022, Delaware Senate Bill 298 became law, which may impact Delmarva Power’s current and future Delaware solar customers. The new law supports the continued growth of solar and changes net energy metering (‘NEM’) rules and regulations for all utilities in the state.

“Under the new law, key changes include:

  • Starting May 31, 2023, all electric utilities will no longer reimburse, credit or otherwise remunerate NEM customers for any ‘Excess kWh Credits’ (shows as NEM Credit on your bill) at the end of the annualized billing period. ‘Excess kWh Credits’ will be set to zero at the end of the annualized billing period. Most NEM customers do not receive an NEM Credit.
  • Starting January 1, 2024, Delmarva Power NEM customers will contribute to the societal benefits programs based on the kilowatt hours delivered to their property and not the customer’s net usage.”

Having purchased solar power in 2017, I was enticed by the credits I would receive, not only for tax purposes that year, but I was also informed that I could bid on selling my excess power to Delmarva for usage by others. In all the years I have had solar power, I thought that, once Green Street Solar told me my bid had been accepted, it was automatic that my generated power would be sold, and I would get the credits.

Not so. I received a call earlier this year from the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control telling me that I have never received these credits, since I never sent them a monthly update of my meter panel to show electric generation. This was the first time I knew of this!

Now, as the Delmarva Power letter states above, I will no longer receive kilowatt-hour credits, and I am expected to “contribute to the societal benefits programs based on the kilowatt hours delivered to (my) property and not (my) net usage.” Are you kidding me? And I may be paying a tariff on top of this? The state of Delaware and all those who voted for this and for the governor to sign this into law have lied to us.

I have worked three jobs for over 30 years to get into the secure financial position that I am in today. Now, based on a law that has been enacted, I find that I will no longer have a secure financial position. It has been usurped by these Robin Hood-style tactics the Delaware politicians are using to destroy the middle class and hardworking individuals/senior citizens to advance their own political agendas. What a sad lot these politicians are!

Patricia Stamidis


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