Guest Opinion: Bring clarity and kindness to this day of thanksgiving


Nancy Quinn is a 40-year veteran of high school teaching and is now retired and volunteering.

In my experience, most Americans are tolerant, caring people. This is no longer a place for White supremacy and antisemitism. Our fears have grown from years of separation, living in neighborhoods of people just like us, rarely coming in contact with those living in poverty and who are cut off from decent housing and education. People whose culture is different are suddenly considered foreign and not real Americans. Who isn’t an immigrant?

Instead of focusing on the rantings of fringe groups, our resources would be better spent on actually helping others, which would improve all of our lives. It could easily be “them and us” instead of “them or us.”

My sixth grade teacher was a wonderful man, a World War II vet who came home with one arm and a passion for helping young people. He challenged us daily to look at issues from several viewpoints and ask why.

So I am asking this: Why are some Americans pulled into believing that there are political groups out there eating babies? Really?

Why are some of us willing to accept as leaders people who lie, cheat and turn us against each other?

Do we really want our children to adopt the foul mouth and immature name-calling of a few “leaders”? What is the reason anyone would think meanness is a good characteristic?

Are those our values now? They are not mine or the people I know. Please speak up and stop accepting all of this drama and turmoil.

Our recent pandemic has already left us exhausted and grieving. Over a million of us are dead. We have labor shortages, in part, because people are just gone. The economy really isn’t doing too bad considering the worldwide upheavals of sickness and war. The total crash that was prophesied did not happen.

Cures for such complex problems don’t come with same-day delivery. We have been through inflation before and survived. Americans are anxious about everything and on edge. We need to be patient and heal, not continually attacking each other emotionally, spiritually and even physically.

This is not the only time in history that groups of people have dedicated themselves and their resources to trashing our freedoms and tearing away our government structures. They may say they care about “restoring” America, but it seems like they are more gleeful when they destroy those who are not on the same train of greed and power. With all of our majority, we are called to stand against this evil.

This Thanksgiving, pause to consider what America stands for and be thankful we still have the power to influence the direction of our beautiful country. Turn off the news for a day. Be grateful you are still alive. Find someone to care for. There is more love and charity in this country than we often see right now. Set aside your own wants and worries for a while and get involved in your community with new purpose and kindness.

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