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Daily State News e-newspapers will be available 7 days a week


DOVER — We are excited about the upcoming launch of the Daily State News.

Starting Monday, Oct. 2, we will add Monday and Saturday e-newspapers to our lineup.

To be clear, this does not mean a resumption of home delivery on those days. But it does mean you have an opportunity to resume your daily reading habit.

We’re planning daily news, business and sports features – both local and national – and opinions.

Some new content will include personal finance stories and news about the entertainment world.

And, we suspect many of you will be happy to know that we will have comics every day.

(How many times have you said “good grief” when you wanted to know how the Peanuts story for the week ended?)

Puzzles will go back to the Monday-Saturday placement again, too. The e-newspaper allows you to print out puzzles if you wish.

Along with that change, we will offer a link to electronic puzzles you can do each day.

The e-newspapers come at no additional cost to our home delivery and digital subscribers.

We’re getting this news in front of you early so you will have a chance to get your account set up.

For readers who already get the e-newspaper, you’re already set.

How do I set up my account?

All home delivery customers can get access.

Go to

See the information under “Need an Account.”

For current home delivery customers, enter your last name and street address. Then follow the steps.

If you run into a problem, email or call our Customer Service team at 302-741-8298 during business hours this week and one of our staffers will walk you through the process.

Not a subscriber?


You can sign up for $5 per month or $55 per year for unlimited digital access.

This will allow you to read our e-newspapers and content at

When is the e-newspaper available?

New editions are available before 5 a.m. each day.

Many of our e-newspaper fans love this since it comes out well before our home delivery stops are complete. Plus, you never have to worry about stepping out into the rain to retrieve the paper.

How do I find the e-newspaper?

There are three simple places to look – in the menu bar at, or by clicking on the front page image on the homepage.

Thirdly, we highly recommend you sign up for our morning newsletter, “Daybreak.”

The newsletter is sent out at 5 a.m. every day. It offers a rundown of the top stories, so you’ll have a quick summary of the local news of the day.

Daybreak includes an image of the front page with a link to the latest e-newspaper.

Sign up at

What exactly is an e-newspaper?

If you’re new to this form of news consumption, the e-newspaper is an electronic newspaper.

It has stories, photos, ads and more, which are presented in the same fashion as a newspaper. For “page turners,” it offers the same type of predictability and organization as a printed newspaper.

The difference is that there are multiple ways to read an e-newspaper, whether it be page by page or story by story. Arrows are shown that allow you to turn pages, or turn from one story to the next.

It can be read on a desktop computer, tablet and many smartphones.

You may be happy to know, too, that you can enlarge pages if you find the type is too small or if you want to see a larger version of a photo.

At the top of a story, you will see a speaker icon that will allow you to listen to the story being read.

For those on the go, it means you can read the newspaper whenever you want and wherever you want as long as you have an internet connection.

You also have the option to download pages and read them later without the internet if you wish.

Is there more content in the e-newspaper?

There will be bonus content just a click away.

As you’re reading the e-newspaper, we’ll have links to additional photos, video, archive material and more.

Are there other benefits?

The e-newspaper also makes it easier to enjoy a story from start to finish without having to hop to another page to continue.

As you’ll see in the photo with today’s column, there is a window to the right of the page that shows the story in text format. You can scroll through it and read to the end.

What if I want to save an article?

The e-newspaper allows you to download PDF pages to your computer.

For those in businesses or clubs in which you need to clip stories, this can be a great time saver and organizational plus.

What if I didn’t have time to read yesterday?

No worries, you can go over to the “Editions” tab and read other days.

Thanks for your readership and support.

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