Blood Bank of Delmarva issues plea for youth donors


Blood Bank of Delmarva announced a blood emergency this week following a period of low donor turnout.

Contributing to the shortage is a nearly 50% drop in donations from donors ages 16-24 over the past several years. At one time, youth donations represented 25% of our blood supply, but now only contribute about 10% of the country’s donations. Blood Bank of Delmarva is calling on youth donors to step up and help meet hospital need.

Legislation passed in the state of Delaware in 2023 now allows 16-year-olds to donate blood and Blood Bank of Delmarva is hopeful that this latest change in legislation will help reverse this alarming trend.

Saint Mark’s High School junior Mackenzie Fanning, 16, said, “It just feels good that I can help save lives.”

“We are so grateful for this positive legislative change, and eager to increase donations from the youth population,” said Blood Bank of Delmarva Executive Director Steven Corse.

“We’re thankful for our youth donors, and for our high school and college partners who encourage blood donations and instill in their students a lifelong dedication to saving lives.”

Blood donors can give every 56 days, and platelet donors can give twice per month. The Food and Drug Administration recently lifted several blood donor eligibility restrictions.

To view current eligibility guidelines, or to make an appointment, visit or call 1-888-8-BLOOD-8.

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