SOCIAL COMMENTARY: State Spending, Dover High Demolition and Hammer Down


Here’s a selection of opinions and reactions readers have shared at and

State spending

Readers reacted to the news of lawmakers struggling to come up with a balanced budget.

• “The citizens of Delaware must wake up to these clueless leaders who cant make the correct decisions to end this budget fiasco. l. Put in a small sales tax. 2. Legalize marijuana and reap millions in tax benefits. 3. Pass Single Payer Health Care and save the State $2.5 BILLION, 4. End incarceration of drug addicts and alcoholics ... saving $24,000 per individual. It costs $36,000 to imprison, when treatment costs $12,000! 5. STOP cutting the most vulnerable in this state the disabled, whose providers haven’t had a raise since Ruth Ann Minner was governor. STOP laying off state workers whose job is to supervise and monitor nursing homes and group homes where abuse is at pandemic levels.” ­ Elizabeth Allen

• “Time to cut some fat.” — Suzie Schaub Stehle

• “Yet Delaware always seems to find money to pay for its biased, ineffective, and costly death penalty. Get rid of the death penalty! Put resources where they work!” — Kristin Froehlich

• “Try cutting salary for all the upper management !!! Most don’t even know their jobs and get paid , to do nothing.” — Bruce Paulish

• “They will find it after the fiscal year like they always do.” — Jayme Lynn

Dover High demolition

The former Dover High School on Pat Lynn Drive is being razed this week.

• “It is sad that the building could not be re-purposed ... make part of that law that it be turned into low-cost housing that Dover is so lacking. There is a five-year waiting list for subsidized housing.” — Janet Will Halliday

Hammer down

Motorcyclists took part in the Hammer Down ride for Habitat for Humanity on Saturday. It will benefit housing for veterans.

• “This was an incredible day with an impressive outpouring of support. We would especially like to thank all of the law enforcement agencies that assisted in making this run a safe and successful event. Specifically we would like to thank the Camden and Wyoming Police Departments for leading the run, Dover Police Department for escorting us through the city, Clayton and Smyrna Police Departments for assisting in getting us through each of their towns smoothly. And thank you to the American Legion Post 2 Riders who did a fantastic job getting us through the county roads. I would also like to thank all of the sponsors, volunteers and participants who graciously donated funding, time and a multitude of resources to make this event a success. The most special part of the day was watching everyone who shook hands and thanked the WWII veterans for their service. It was an awesome example of what it is to be an American and we are proud to be part of a terrific community.” — A to Z Cycles Inc.

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