SOCIAL COMMENTARY: Expanding rights for undocumented immigrants

Here’s a selection of opinions and reactions readers have shared at and On Monday, readers reacted to a story about Senate Bill 59, which would grant “undocumented Delawareans” the right to a driving permit separate from the type of license or permit held by most drivers. •Slap in the face to every immigrant that did things the right way. Driving is a privilege not a right. — Clint Brothers •Does the word/phrase “illegally entered U.S.” not mean anything? — Holly Hitzig •How about they become a citizen before they get a drivers license? Get your priorities straight! — Court Rollins •Sadly this law, as others, is one of the reasons why the public doesn’t trust the decisions of government. They rarely listen to the feelings of the majority of its U.S. citizens. — Dawn Heck •Delaware lawmakers spend way too much time protecting the rights of criminals, while coming up with new ways of punishing the rest of us. What world do these well-meaning elitists live in? — Bob Hartman •Pass a law to grant undocumented Delawareans the right to a driving permit. Really? Undocumented Delawareans? They are illegal. If someone broke into my house and tried to live in my basement, would we just call them an undocumented homeowner? There is little difference, they have broken the law. Additionally, how do you determine who they are? The last time I had my driver’s license renewed I had to take my birth certificate, my marriage license, my Social Security card, and two additional documents for proof of residency and I have lived in and have held a license in Delaware for 25 years. We just get to take the word of these people and the few documents they produce? Who verifies their documentation? These lawmakers can say they want to do this so the “undocumented” can get car insurance (as if that would actually happen) but it’s a lie. It’s just a way to get them here — further and further entrenched — so the next bleeding-heart liberal Democrat can say, “Look, they are here, they pay taxes, they should be able to vote.” We need to deport them as we find them. I know it’s not realistic to hunt them down, but when officers encounter them they should be sent home along with their family members. I have sympathy for the folks who come here for a better life, but we have an immigration process, they need to use it. — Colleen Agnor •My husband was a legal immigrant 30 years ago and worked hard to make a better life for his family within the rules. If we start giving illegal immigrants rights, what are we saying to people like my husband who did the right way. If you’re an illegal in this country you have already broken our laws! — Cindy Unsworth •Clearly none of you actually took the time to read the article. This is not calling for immigration reform, simply a way for undocumented immigrants to have a driving permit (that cannot be used as a form of ID). The benefit is obvious, permit no permit they’re still going to drive and share the road with you. At least by having this permit they’ll be able to get insurance for their vehicle, benefiting everyone in the road in case of an accident. How about you learn to look at things objectively instead of just condemning politicians for trying to alleviate a problem that’s not going away anytime soon? While you’re re-reading the article, pay close attention to the part that says that applicants must have been taxpayers for the past two years. — Cristhian Grijalba •I think you missed the very first sentence. It says people who have entered illegally, therefore they do not hold Social Security numbers which means they don’t pay taxes which means it’s all a joke anyway. Why should they be rewarded for entering the country illegally? — Richard Miller •I understand your concern, but I must say it’s a common misconception that undocumented immigrants do not pay taxes, although they do not qualify for a Social Security number, they can obtain an ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number) and pay taxes without receiving any of the benefits. Although I’m not naive in saying that they all pay their taxes, many more than the general population believes, do. And again remember that by being able to get their own insurance, everyone on the road benefits in case of an accident. But don’t worry, that’s where this bill ends, this document does not grant the same rights and privileges as a regular driver’s license. — Cristhian Grijalba •ITIN is like putting a hat on a hog. You still got a hog. The root cause is they all broke the law and are screwing legal immigrants and every single legal citizen. How about we follow the current federal laws of deportation ? — Jon Walczak •I have to disagree with this statement — it is the insurance companies who foot the bill and it then gets passed on to the legal, documented citizens by cost of insurance and for paying for uninsured motorist coverage on their policy. This is not a smart choice but another way for us who do things properly to pay for those who don’t. — Linda Belanger Deaton

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