Letter to the Editor: Where have our better angels gone?


Our better angels, unfortunately, may take another generation or two to appear, until we begin to respect the intrinsic worth of every individual on planet Earth. It is disgraceful to see the dog-eat-dog world we have been witnessing. It is even more shameful that many people simply do not know what they do not know or even want to know. This ineptitude is called “ignorance.”

Wake up, everybody, en masse and “learn” to show compassion for one another, instead of forsaking loving your neighbors by only narcissistically loving and caring about yourselves. Sheer selfishness! And please stop worshipping those false gods. Only then will wars end and peaceful transitions begin. The attainment of this ideal can only happen with proper training and caring in our formative years. We need to begin nourishing one another to fulfill this universal hope. Let’s start divvying up the goods to begin the process of creating a peaceful world. This is called “social synergy.”

Unfortunately, misconceptions about sharing and the power of the bigwigs in our world, as well as the increasing wealth and influence that often accompany their power, have brought us to our knees but not in unified prayer for a better world. Instead, we are at their mercy, as middle-class status disappears.

It will take another generation or two (or maybe even three) for our better angels to begin a reform coalition. We desperately need to get our reason for being. Once we begin learning the golden rule that it is necessary to love our neighbors as ourselves by sharing our daily bread and forgiving those who trespass against us, a better world for all of us will begin evolving. Haven’t you all had enough of the insane selfishness that has been going on since we were created?

Bill Clemens