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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Illegal’ means exactly that

Upon following the latest legislative session here in Delaware, one has to call into question our education system. It seems that our elite “Progressive Democrats” here in the state don’t know the definition of the word “illegal.” “simple: “Illegal” means “against the law”! Many moons ago, when I took civics class, I was taught that federal law superseded any state or local law or ordinance, but again, our esteemed “Progressive Democrats” can’t seem to grasp the law. Now, we have medical marijuana (illegal), limited possession of marijuana (illegal) and driver’s licenses for illegals, again, all “illegal” under the federal law. With our emperor over in Washington, these “Liberal Progressive Democrats” know that he won’t enforce any of these laws that he is bound by the Constitution to enforce. He doesn’t need Congress anymore because he has a pen and a phone to decree any new law or change any existing law to his heart’s desire. You have to remember, according to the “Socialist Progressive Democrats,” that the Constitution is just an outdated old piece of paper in the national archives, written by a bunch of old white men back over 200 years ago on a rainy weekend at their local tavern. How about some suggestions for the Delaware legislative session in 2016? Legalize marijuana, and while you’re at it, the same with heroin, and watch the money roll in, like in Washington state and Colorado. Next, legalize prostitution, especially with the proposed new casino down close to beaches. This idea will be a better draw than any horse racing. Next, almost a given, is what I call the “Voter Fraud Act.” This is where you can register with no I.D. and vote the same day. I can just imagine busloads of out-of-staters coming here and claiming to have moved here the day before. Example: Ohio and North Carolina, which rescinded their same-day-register-and-vote laws because of the fraud problems. It’s a shame Gramom was born before the Civil War, has no I.D. whatsoever and can’t register to vote when you have two years to do so between elections. Now, according to the director of the Department of Elections, there is no such thing as voter fraud. Yeah, right! Now that illegals can get driver’s licenses, I guess next, they will be able to apply for motor-voter. Not only God bless the U.S.A., but most important, God help the U.S.A.!

Walter G. McGinnis Jr. Smyrna

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