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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Deal with Iran makes U.S. 'sitting ducks'

A deal has been struck. Obama has put us in harm’s way by striking a deal with Iran, which will eventually allow them to get a nuclear weapon — and this agreement has more than guaranteed it. But until that time, there are other factors to consider. With the financial sanctions and the weapons sanctions being lifted, Iran will now be able to buy the most sophisticated weapons, along with land-to-sea and land-to-air missiles. They will be able to control the Persian Gulf, if they want, or help supply any country with arms. No one will be safe once that happens. The U.S. and its military will be at high risk from these America-hating people. Also think of some of the other participants who helped forge this deal — China, who has probably been behind all the cyberattacks on millions of Americans; Russia, who has ridiculed Obama and America over and over again; and Iran, who continues to rally “Death to America.” Yet, Obama makes this deal and thinks that he has done a “great” thing for America. We are now sitting ducks — and the future looks bleak for the U.S. To further insult the American people, Obama is sending this agreement over to the UN first, instead of allowing the U.S. Congress to vote whether this is a good or bad deal. The UN first — another group who is anti-America! What is the matter with this president? Could he be that naïve? America received nothing out of this deal! Iran demanded and got everything. We got nothing, except a minor delay in Iran’s nuclear ability. Kerry/Obama didn’t even get our four imprisoned Americans, being held as detainees (or hostages, whichever word you want to use) freed in the deal. They are great negotiators, aren’t they! Oh, we did get one thing — we got to see the Iranians dancing in the streets and laughing at us after this agreement was struck. Remember, Iran detests the U.S. — this will never change. It didn’t matter which president did a deal with them. They are not enamored with Barack Obama. All they cared about was that they got what they wanted! Done deal! Please call Congressman Carney in Delaware or D.C. (please go to his website for phone numbers), asking him to vote against this agreement, as it will aid in the destruction of America. Please call Senators Carper and Coons in Delaware or D.C. (please go to their websites for phone numbers), asking them to stand up for America — vote against this deal — which will surely put America and its military in harm’s way. Please do this today! It’s important for our children and our grandchildren, who will live through the results of this hideous agreement — an agreement, which will surely bring, as the Iranians chant, “Death to America.”

Janice Nelson Middletown

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