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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Another immigration boondoggle in Delaware

Congress has been supporting illegal immigration for 48 years. During that time, Congress has passed seven amnesties. Every one of those was a boondoggle. The American people were lied to, promised immigration controls never materialized and fraud was rampant. I believe that as many as 30 million illegals are walking around our country. Our jails are filled with illegal-alien felons. Our schools and hospitals are overwhelmed. We are suffering under an extraordinary debt load, and the beleaguered U.S. taxpayer continues to pay dearly for cheap labor, which benefits a small percentage of the population, many of whom are receiving generous corporate welfare. Every amnesty starts out promising an increase in border security, requires employers to check the legal status of its workers and deliberately underestimates the number of people who will benefit. It is impossible to have any real immigration reform without first enforcing the law at the U.S. borders and the workplace. Amnesty should not even be an acceptable topic for discussion until we retake control of the immigration system. The latest failed amnesty bill was 844 pages with 300 amendments attached, including a same-sex amendment. None of these can be good for the country. It’s Obamacare all over again. Numbers USA estimates that over the next 10 years, there would be another 33 million green cards issued. We already have a significant overabundance of illiterate laborers. We certainly do not need more. The United States government has a responsibility to protect our borders and provide its citizens with security, which includes keeping all illegal aliens out of America. They have consistently failed to do that. Our country is in deep financial trouble, irresponsible, self-serving senators, and [we] have an imperial president who ignores our laws. Tell me how the same U.S government is going to administer, vet, enforce and follow 33 to 40 million illegals, whose real identity is unknown to them, over 10 years. And now, we have a state (Delaware) that can’t do much of anything right that wants to hand out driving privileges to illegal aliens. What is it that our lawmakers don’t understand about illegal immigration? This is an insult to the honest people who are waiting to legally enter our country. There are valid concerns that this will be a magnet for illegal aliens from other states. It will impact on high-profile identity-fraud cases and cause compliance problems with the federal Real ID Act and concerns about illegals taking more American jobs. Nothing happens in this country without congressional approval. Any government that cannot protect its own borders is not a real government. Fences do make good neighbors. Sanctuary Cities were established to allow illegal aliens to thrive. Law enforcement looks the other way. The entire concept is anti-American. Sanctuary Cities aid and abet thousands of violent crimes on Americans. Illegal aliens enjoy turnstile justice. Juan Francisco López (probably not his real name) had a record of five deportations and seven felonies when he recently murdered, in cold blood, a young woman walking on a San Francisco pier with her father. That says it all about illegal aliens and an irresponsible government. And now, we have a state that wants to hand out driving privileges to people who broke the law and pick the pockets of Delaware taxpayers for an estimated $500,000 while opening a back door for amnesty. Ridiculous!

Bill Stewart Bridgeville

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