Leave Dover government the way it's always been

At the League of Women Voters Candidates night on April 15, questions arose about the actions of City Council taken on March 9 and March 23. Councilman Bonar’s statement was confusing. He explained that the March 9 action was changed by the action of the 23rd and left city government as it has been. Those of us who attended these meetings clearly understood that the action taken on March 23 virtually removed all authority from the mayor and transferred it all to the city manager and to the City Council. This is not city government as it has been. The timing of these actions so near to an election seemed awkward, to put it gently. I was puzzled and confused by these actions and it is now apparent that the general public is also. It appears that these actions were taken due to a mayoral misstep almost one year ago. Our current Mayor Robin Christiansen, was quoted in the Delaware State News stating that the adopted proposals could require up to 35 changes to the City Charter. Once these changes were made, the General Assembly would then have to approve them. This seems to me an inordinate amount of trouble. Council has had sufficient time to have found a simpler remedy in consultation with all parties involved including the city attorney. I feel that council should rescind the actions adopted on both March 9 and March 23, leaving city government as it is. Council should propose a simpler and more logical remedy to what has been perceived as major difficulty.

Alan P Gaddis Dover

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