Speak Up: Delaware State University enrollment continues to soar


Delaware State University released its enrollment figures for fall 2023, and it is continuing to break records, a news release said Nov. 21. The 132-year-old university now has 6,451 students, an increase of 3.5% over last year and 23% since 2020, making it the fastest-growing historically Black university in the country.

  • And how much of that is the result of student loans being subsidized by our federal government? And please, tell me what the graduation rate is in comparison to previous years’. — C-Dawg Rowe
  • Would you rather your taxes go to prisons and welfare? Plus, the more who graduate, the more who become gainfully employed and pay more taxes into the system. — Marcus De’Angelo Briddell
  • I would imagine that part of it is due to the soaring costs of education in America, and Delaware State University is more affordable than a lot of places. — Bob Hice
  • The reason for the soaring costs is the government-subsidized student loan business. — C-Dawg Rowe
  • The reason for the soaring cost is price gouging by the universities. Every single college student should stop looking at the taxpayer to pay for their way and start petitioning these scammer institutions. — Cliff Law
  • It could have been much higher if they kept open Wesley College, the only Division III in Delaware, as promised. — The Trophy Man
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