Speak Up: Residents narrowly approve Smyrna School District referendum


A Smyrna School District referendum asking for capital funding passed June 6, 1,090-1,068. Residents approved a $4.16 million item for the local portion of the construction of an intermediate school across from Sunnyside Elementary School.

  • It’s nice to see that at least a small majority of the voting population values education in the Smyrna district. — Scott Ryan
  • They do not value education at all. It’s very well documented that the kids are the lowest in the nation and incompetent in every subject. — Mary Bashtarz
  • Why so few voting? Seems like there should be a minimal threshold of votes to ensure that people knew about it and cast their opinion. — Dave Fisher
  • So, if it doesn’t pass the first time, they just vote again? — Donnie Dulin
  • Only 1,090 people (2.8% of the population) essentially just hosed over the 38,346 (as of the 2022 census) in the Smyrna School District. The referendum system is such a corrupt and skewed way of approving funding. Wow. It won by only 22 votes. I bet you anything that they didn’t publicize it and only pushed their known support base, like most of the other unethical referendum pushes to raise taxes and support outrageous ongoing spending. Essentially, teachers and a few parents can stick it to all the rest of the people (most of whom probably didn’t even know about it), and that’s not right. I’d be outraged if I were a Smyrna resident, especially with the other tax increases they are getting hammered with. Delaware will soon surpass our neighboring states for property taxes if these ongoing continuing tax increases aren’t put in check. — Tim Hurst
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