Speak Up: Carper, Coons, USPS: Round 3

  • DeJoy should be fired! The letter carriers are being overworked and abused. Trump was trying to privatize a system that has worked for years. Glad Coons and Carper are on it! — Deb Sudduth-Bates
  • I had a package, two-day Priority mail, take three weeks to receive. I received Christmas cards from my neighbors in Hartly. They were stamped Jersey City. — Mary Ann Cowan
  • The post office is Blockbuster: Something that’s going to die, and the smart thing would be to let UPS or someone competent take over basic mail and let it die. — Steven Robert
  • Service has been absolutely horrible! And we are right here in the capital of Delaware. Literally took two months to receive a package that was to arrive in less than two weeks. We could have driven to California and back, took the scenic route and still been in less time! — Lynn Lloyd
  • Sent a package Dec. 28 to Tampa, Florida. It went to four states and finally arrived Jan. 28, broken! Mind you, after it arrived in Jacksonville, Florida, they sent it to Memphis, Tennessee. — Bruny Cortes
  • DeJoy and his board members must be fired now! — John Cowens
  • I am missing a lot of mail. Mailman comes once a week, maybe. — Jasmine Mcguire
  • A package I ordered last month has been sitting in a postal facility in New Jersey since Feb. 4, according to tracking. Checks I mailed out Jan. 10 have still not arrived at their destination, so now I have to pay several stop-payment fees and issue new ones. It’s ridiculous! — Marion Chandler
  • Delivery is a disgrace. I mailed a check in early December for a credit card. I paid it again in January because I didn’t want interest charges. It finally showed as paid in February. I get informed delivery now. I know what is supposed to be delivered each day, but it, too, is not perfect. — Maureen Stiller
  • In defense of USPS: I did have a 21-day delay on a box sent to Glenmore, Pennsylvania; however, in talking to my local deliveryperson, when five pallets of Amazon arrive at the local post office, all that was to be sorted, stacked, packed and delivered by USPS postal workers. Is there any wonder that a service that is supposed to handle mail is overloaded? Like Alice Cooper said, “Give a kid a break.” It is still a magical thing to me that you put a stamp on an envelope, put it in a box, and, magically, it finds its destination! Let’s support our neighbors. They work for the post office. — Leslie Hilyard Ruth