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MEMORIES: Interesting article. I was there in 1968 and the Bay Country theme was an interesting revitalization on downtown. Except for the old cars and the automatic doors, the Phillips Hardware Company looked the same in 1918 as it did in 1968. We bought a lot of fishing and hunting supplies from there. In the article, it was nice to remember Frank Hennessy and the Skipjack Chesterpeake which was the National Beer boat, from the land of pleasant living. Great memories.

Editor’s Note: This month, “Dorchester Goes Purple” to raise awareness of opioid abuse, a growing problem here and across the nation. News that many local high school students have tried heroin provoked comments from our readers.

NEAR AND DEAR: Talk about a wake-up call. This is so frightening and needs to be discussed. This a cause very dear to my heart and I talk about it all the time with my kids.

TEACHER’S VIEW: I integrate the brain and chemical communication and have students research and present the effects of popular addictions. My hope is one kid thinks about it when presented with the option to try.

DISCUSSION: Such a great idea! I talk about it with my 6- and 7-year-old children at home. They know that our family has lost an amazing person to addiction and it’s an open discussion. They need to know.

DANGER TO YOUNGER YOUTHS: I’m wondering about middle school students as well. So sad.

TAKING IT TO THE STREETS: I recently saw on TV about High Street (the street itself) problems. Back in my younger years, the street was absolutely beautiful, even with tractor-trailers hauling tuna fish to Woods Road. According to the mayor, her priority was to restore it to historical value (tourist attraction). Apparently it must be the opposite end of High Street, not the Long Wharf Park end. Furthermore, I went to Delaware Sunday — what a smooth ride. Where are those engineers? Back home the streets are absolutely disgusting, but the Triathlon trail is nice. Thank you very much!

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