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SUBSTANDARD: I agree there are a lot of houses in Cambridge that are substandard [“Cambridge renters tell of poor conditions,” Dorchester Banner, April 18]. I have to say that some houses are in good condition, but if you as a tenant want to live in a two-bedroom house with 30 other people, that good condition house is going to turn into a substandard house. You can’t put it all on the landlord because a lot of tenants do not take care of property. I think there should be house inspections at least every six months to make sure the house is up to par for landlords and inspections for tenants at least every three months. If tenants can’t comply and keep property neat and clean and abide by how many people are allowed to live in the house according to their lease, then they should be evicted.

SENSELESS: A rollback that was loading a vehicle from an accident on U.S. 395 in Alexandria, Va. was struck and the driver lost his leg. He was very fortunate not to have been killed. The rollback was one of many that this company has and the owner is a very active member and past president of The Towing and Recovery Professionals of Maryland. He helped us to lobby for the move over law. Please, people, slow down and move over. I’m angry because this is senseless. The solution is very simple. If you see any vehicle on the shoulder or break down lanes, slow down and move over.

COMMON SENSE: If my wife and I see a car on the shoulder of the road, we move over to the left lane. If it’s police or anyone else, it just makes common sense.

AUTOMATIC: Just last week, I watched cars flying by three Chevy Tahoes on the shoulder, all with lights on. It’s got to be an automatic reaction to want to move over and save someone’s life.

ENOUGH: We can’t seem to say this enough times. What more will it take? How many people need to get hurt, or killed, for people to stop and think of someone other than themselves?

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