Letter to the editor: Hurlock home safety


I want to make you aware of an incident that occurred recently. One of your neighbors experienced a water leak and was not able to find the main water shut off valve in the house. It turned out the valve was located behind a panel in the downstairs hall closet. Once the valve was located, the water was shut off, however by that time, the first floor had flooded.

Please make sure you know where the main shot off valve is located and is accessible. This could save significant damage if a water leak occurs.

Hurlock public works will respond to an emergency to shut off the curb valve located in the yard. This could take as long as 30 minutes to an hour for someone to arrive, especially after normal working hours.

The curb valves are not meant to be used for routine plumbing repairs. Residents must use their cut off valve in the house.

Be aware of where your valve is, and how to use it. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to have a working main water shut off valve in the house.

John Avery

Town Manager, Hurlock

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