Letter to the Editor: Hoping for a red wave


I’m writing in response to some claims that Republicans are going to take away Social Security and Medicare if elected. I would like someone to give me a name of a Republican that has said this, give me a name. Do you realize this would be political suicide to any candidate? This is a Biden scare tactic.

I hear people talking about how much it costs to live with gas, groceries and everything in general costing more. I would like to remind everyone that inflation was at 1.4% and gas was about $2.87 per gallon when Joe Biden took office. His action against fossil fuels is the reason for high gas prices, which affect all items. Joe Biden owns this, not Putin.

We are experiencing the highest inflation in over 40 years. Look at your retirement accounts and 401k’s.

My retirement accounts were at record highs two years ago. Biden owns what has happened to this economy and he needs to stop blaming Putin and everyone else.

I hope by the time of this reading, there has been a red wave.

Gene Williams


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