Speak Up: Wyoming artist included in ‘Award Winners’ exhibit


Bryant “Tee” Bell, named one of 17 Individual Artist Fellows this year by the Delaware Division of the Arts, grew up surrounded by the smell of paint.

His late father, Booker T. Bell, was a noted local artist, whose designs adorned everything from commercial vehicles and yachts docked in Annapolis, Maryland, to billboards advertising the Delaware State Fair.

“My dad grew up, he got married and moved to a house on a lot. Until he built a shop, he painted out of our dining room,” Mr. Bell recalled of his childhood in Greenwood. “As a little kid, I always had paint around. Then, he built a shop out behind our house, and he did his painting out there. So I’ve always been around art.”

  • Congratulations, my friend. I love your work. Been following for a while articles about you and your dad. I will be visiting Biggs next week or so. — Kate Marvel
  • Congratulations to my ex-neighbor, Tee Bell. — Tyrone Cannon
  • Congratulations, Tee! — Wade Weal

• Excellent news! Congratulations for the recogn

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